Company Profile Video

Company Profile Video

TOA Company Profile Video

We would like to show you an outline of our TOA group through this movie, which has been created to help you easily understand our core business as well as other aspects of our day to day global business.

Contents(Length 7 minutes and 11 seconds)

  1. 01.Introduction / 00:00-00:34
  2. 02.Disaster Reduction & Prevention SOLUTION / 00:34-01:33
  3. 03.Security & Safety SOLUTION / 01:33-02:27
  4. 04.Communication SOLUTION / 02:27-03:21
  5. 05.Emition SOLUTION / 03:21-04:29
  6. 06.5 TOAs in the World. / 04:29-05:28
  7. 07.Social Contribution & Mecenat Activities / 05:28-06:25
  8. 08.Smiles for the Public, TOA. / 06:25-07:11

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About TOA

TOA is a company established in 1934, in Kobe, Japan. We provide innovative solutions and products centering those which provide sound. What TOA values is people’s smile. With more than 30 locations, we contribute to create a safe and reliable society globally with excitement, supporting the needs of local community.