Site Policy

Site Policy

Notes on the Use of This Website

TOA Corporation (below, "TOA" or "the company") makes the following statements toward users of this corporate website:

  1. A user may display and view the contents of this website on their own computer.
  2. For personal use, a user may download the contents of this website to their own computer.
  3. For personal use, a user may print the contents of this website downloaded to or displayed on their own computer.

Further, this website, as well as all text, graphics, designs, images, audio samples, programs, and other contents (below, "contents") appearing on this website, are copyrighted by TOA or their original creators, and managed by TOA. Use of this website requires the user to agree to the usage conditions outlined below.

Notes & General Disclaimers

  1. Regarding the contents of this website, TOA makes every reasonable effort to ensure that the information presented is as up-to-date and accurate as possible, however the company offers no guarantees of any kind, explicit or implied, regarding its completeness, accuracy, fitness for use, etc. Further, TOA reserves the right to correct or change any inaccuracies or misprints, and to change and revise the content at will, without prior notice.
  2. TOA makes every reasonable effort to ensure that this website functions properly, however the company is not responsible for any damages users incur due to operational interruption, discontinuation, or stoppage.
  3. Users may not use the contents of this website without notifying TOA. "Use" includes such activities as duplication, alteration, uploading, posting, transmission, distribution, licensing, selling, and publishing.
  4. Users shall take full responsibility for their use of the contents of this website, shall do so according to their own judgement, and shall not hold TOA responsible for any harm incurred through such usage.
  5. Unless otherwise specified, the interpretation and application of these usage conditions shall be according to Japanese law.

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About TOA

TOA is a company established in 1934, in Kobe, Japan. We provide innovative solutions and products centering those which provide sound. What TOA values is people’s smile. With more than 30 locations, we contribute to create a safe and reliable society globally with excitement, supporting the needs of local community.