TOA products and services play
active role globally.

Solutions by Industry

TOA has provided innovative audio products and solutions to thousands of different places. Here you will find our solutions for multiple applications from shopping centers or hospitals in neighborhood to such big facilities as stadiums or industrial facilities.


TOA creates a completely reliable infrastructure environment, with clear announcements at the ideal volume in railway stations and airports.

Houses of Worship

TOA selects and recommends the most suitable microphones and speakers according to the architectural and acoustic characteristics of religious building.


TOA provides retail stores with a range of solutions based on the kind of broadcasting required (such as background music, foreground music or paging), the size of the store, and its layout.

Education / Business

TOA systems are scalable and sustainable that allow the configurations to precisely match with the environment to prevent any redundant and provide the reassurance of compatibility with future system expansion options at the same time.

Factory / Plants

TOA offers high-quality calls and clear broadcasts for staff announcement, emergency broadcast, and evacuation guidance.


TOA ensures smooth and pleasant communications between patients, doctors, and nurses to contribute to the creation of a hospital environment that is reassuringly equipped for emergencies.

Sports / Leisure

TOA always pursues the qualities of the sound to create dynamic sound spaces for participants to enjoy the excitement.

Hall / Theatre

TOA always pursues the qualities of the sound and fulfils the strict requirements of professional users.

Global Network

TOA has over 30 sales and production bases, developing localized business operation. Please contact your nearest sales office to get more information about products and solutions provided in your region.

TOA Worldwide

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