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When making IR-related inquiries...

This page can be used to send questions and viewpoints to TOA. However, these functions are not available to parties not in possession of a valid email address.

Inquiries submitted on Saturday, Sunday, Japanese national holidays, or near the end or beginning of the year will be handled starting from the next available business day.

TOA may respond to inquiries by mail, telephone, or fax as appropriate. In certain cases, no particular response may be issued.

It may not always be possible for us to respond directly to inquiries from parties residing outside of Japan.

Information submitted via the IR inquiry form, including your name, telephone number and email address, will not be used in any capacity except for the purpose of handling your inquiry.

To guard against third-party theft or fraudulent use of inquiry data, our email protocols and online forms use SSL (secure socket layer) protection to encrypt and verify information being transmitted.
Further, we appreciate your understanding that some inquiries may take some time to answer, and that we may not be able to respond to some questions or requests.

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