TOA creates a completely reliable infrastructure environment, with clear announcements at the ideal volume in railway stations and airports. Offering the sound systems and engineering capabilities required for safe, reliable passenger transit, we facilitate the accurate transmission of information to passengers and smooth communication between staffs.

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Washington D.C. Metro 7000- series rail car – United States

New 7000-series railway cars (manufactured by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.) have begun operation on some of the metro subway lines linking the U.S. capital of Washington, D.C. with its surrounding suburbs. Besides offering more seating than before, these train cars are also equipped with door-side electronic route maps that display easy-to-read destination and station information. Designed with the goal of making metro travel safer and more comfortable, many of the informational features of these train cars are supported by TOA technology, including electronic displays showing route and destination information inside and outside the train; public address systems used by conductors to broadcast announcements throughout their trains; and onboard safety-enhancing surveillance camera systems.

Haneda Airport International Passenger Terminal - Japan

It is harder than imagined to broadcast flight information and emergency messages to passengers with different nationality and age in large-scale airport facilities. TOA has built voice evacuation system and passenger information broadcasting system pursuing universal design, such as broadcasting in four languages and an operation desk that can be operated intuitively.

Southend Airport – United Kingdom

Southend airport was the third busiest Airport in the UK between the 60’s & 70’s, initially a base for fighter squadrons during World War II, Southend Airport has now developed into a modern airport operating approximately 70 flights per week. The new look Southend Airport required an expandable PA/VA system which allows flexible simultaneous messaging to different zones within the airport. TOA initially installed the VX-2000 system but since the new renovations, the system has been upgraded to the SX-2000 connected to TOA’s own network protocol. TOA’s SR-H2L Line array speakers are used throughout the airport ensuring that the sound quality is focused and direct - making sure that all messages are heard loud and clear.

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