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Factory / Plants

TOA offers high-quality calls and clear broadcasts for staff announcement, emergency broadcast, and evacuation guidance. Our communication systems overcome the noises from machines and outdoors with high coverage and clarity to ensure the workers can receive the real-time information and work safely.

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TOYOTA Porto Feliz Plant - Brazil

Japanese motor company Toyota has factories in Brazil since 1958. In May 2016 they released their new engine factory in Porto Feliz, Brazil. The modern facilities were built in a 872.500 m² land with an investment of R$ 508 million.
It has capacity to produce 108.000 engines per year for the compact car model called Etios.
Toyota concerns about manufactured engine's quality and also with the comfort and safety of the 320 employees that nowadays work on the new plant. Due to this, Toyota selected TOA Corporation to design the voice alarm system, paging system and voice evac. Perfectly installed TOA VM-3000 is the hearth of the sound solution, along with a TOA N-8000AF, that actually works only as timer, triggering songs daily. These songs are reference for the workers, so they know when to start production, or go to lunch, etc. The N-8000AF timer is in sync by LAN with the Toyota NTP server, to avoid any possible delays in the song alarms, avoiding any trouble in the production sequence and routine.
The highest intelligibility and reliability of announcement is realized a wide variety of TOA speakers in the warehouses, production areas, common areas, restaurant and offices.

Koeberg Nuclear Stations - South Africa

Koeberg Nuclear Power Station is the only nuclear power station in South Africa and the entire African continent. It is located 30 km north of Cape Town, near Melkbosstrand on the west coast of South Africa. The station is owned and operated by the country's only natoinal electricity supplier, Eskom Enterprises. TOA installed SX-2000 system with 5 units SX-2100AO, 3 units SX-2100AI and one SX-2000CO and SX-2000CI each. By doing so a scalable new system for configuring versatile and highly effective PA applications was created. The system features matrix capabilities that allows single components to be distributed in different locations under centralized control.

MELOX plant – France

The MELOX plant – France in France produces MOX fuel assemblies intended to power light-water reactors in different countries. MELOX (Areva Group), who is the world leader in this market, replaced a third of its Intercom system with TOA – the system in total includes 400 stations.
The N-8000 project with a special designed station was realized with more than 80 system components (N-8000EX, N-8065MS, N-8020MS, N-8000MS, N-8050DS) and due to its success revealed in an extension of another factory just after.
The presence of TOA engineers, the customized design of the Heavy Duty Industrial Master Station and a lot of efforts ensure a complete satisfaction to the users today.

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