TOA ensures smooth and pleasant communications between patients, doctors, and nurses to contribute to the creation of a hospital environment that is reassuringly equipped for emergencies. Enhancing the communication, security and safety at the same time.

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University Hospital Saint-Luc -Belgium

The whole system for University Hospital Saint-Luc in Bruxelles consists of a master amplifier (VM-3240 VA) and a slave amplifier (VM-3240 E), a multiple sound source and a fireman’s microphone (RM-300MF) with extension unit. The system is accommodated with a secondary power supply unit, a battery charging device and a back-up amplifier, in full compliance with the EN54-16 en EN54-4 evacuation norms and according the new demands in the CPR-regulation. Furthermore EN54-24 certified speakers were installed (TOA model PC-1869FC ceiling speakers and TOA CS-154BS for the garage).
Speech intelligibility of the (pre-registered) messages for a voice evacuation system is a crucial aspect for the installation. Upon completion of the works, the necessary control measurements were undertaken which proved the speech intelligibility values (STI) were between 0,67 and 0,79, which corresponded with “very good” to nearly “excellent”. The University Hospital Saint-Luc is therefore sure that it has a state of the art voice evacuation system.

Yishun Community Hospital

Yishun Community Hospital is one of the latest and largest community hospitals in Singapore. For this hospital, TOA's public address system has been employed. TOA's SX-2000, the heart of the matrix paging system, provides safe and reliable system such as system diagnosis as well as daily paging and emergency evacuation announcement. Over 2400 PC-658R Ceiling Speakers are installed throughout the hospital, whilst BS-633A Box Speakers installed around outdoor entrance and SC-615M Paging Horn Speakers wall-mounted in back-of-house areas. The whole sound system supports the space where patients can stay at ease.

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