TOA launches Digital Speaker Processor.

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April 05, 2013

TOA launches Digital Speaker Processor.

Japan, January 2013 - TOA Corporation, a manufacturer of premier audio and commercial products has recently launched new Digital Speaker Processor, DP-SP3.

The new Digital Speaker Processor enables you to enhance your sound system easily and inexpensively. Designed specifically to work with speakers, the processor taps into characteristics of individual speakers and draws out their best possible performance, to help realize richer, more expressive sound in a variety of venues. The rear panel is outfitted with two analog inputs and six analog inputs. The processor can work with a 3-way multi-amp system. With 24-bit/96k Hz high resolution, DP-SP3 provides clear, high-quality and realistic sound.

The DP-SP3 has a built-in library of presets for the most popular TOA speakers, which enables you to enjoy well-balanced sound immediately, without going to the trouble of inputting complex parameter settings. In addition, a preset memory of up to 16 setting patterns allows you to instantly recall the setting you need for a particular venue. The processor is also packed with such essential audio processing functions as Equalizer, Crossover, Matrix, Compressor and Delay.

When connected to a LAN, settings and operations of the DP-SP3 can be performed on a PC with the supplied DP-SP3 PC Software installed. 4 contact input terminals enable preset memory recall, output volume control, and output muting. Furthermore, switching of preset parameter patterns, speaker EQ pattern selection, and matrix selection can be realized by a Web browser via Ethernet.

Affordably priced and compact, the TOA DP-SP3 offers a solution for people who wish to improve the performance of their sound system.

DP-SP3 Digital Speaker Processor
DP-SP3 Digital Speaker Processor

DP-SP3 Product brochure (A4 size)

DP-SP3 Product brochure (Letter size)

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