TOA launches new digital stereo mixer.

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June 03, 2010

TOA launches new digital stereo mixer.

Acoustic Perfection at a touch

M-633D brochure cover

TOA creates a new value.
With just the touch of a button, the M-633D automatically eliminates unpleasant reverberation and feedback to deliver clear, highly articulate sound. This new-concept digital stereo mixer is next-generation unique.
Provide automatic audio adjustment with push-button ease. You don't have to be a sound technicial to operate the M-633D, and there's no need for complex PC settings.
Features an Automatic Resonance Control function, a Feedback Suppression function, and an Automatic Clipguard function for enhanced sound intelligibility.
Packs all the necessary functions in a compact 1U size.


  • House of worship
  • Gymnasiums
  • Meeting rooms
  • Other facilities with strong reverberation


M-633D Product Leaflet (A4 size)

M-633D Product Leaflet (Letter size)

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