N-8000 Series greatly enhances its performance.

N-8000 Series greatly enhances its performance.


More stations connectable. More functions programmable.

N-8000 Series 

The N-8000 Series is an IP network-compatible intercom system that employs packet audio technology(*1). By linking to an existing local network (LAN), wide-area network (WAN) or optical fiber network, it is possible to construct an optimal system for in-house or wide-area information communication.
The system supports duplex conversation, paging, BGM broadcasting, Emergency call and many more.
Highly integrated system can be configured!!
(*1) Technology that uses IP networks to enable transmission of high-quality voice and music in real time.

  • Up to 192 IP-based units connectable to LAN
  • Up to 3.072 stations in a system
  • Maximum 192 paging zones
  • Server-less system configuration
  • Enhanced school functions : Time signal function
  • A wide variety of stations
  • External audio source distribution
  • Kinds of paging function : Group paging, selective paging, all-call paging, emergency all-group paging. 
  • Capability to make and receive calls to and from the outside telephone line
  • Scan monitoring function
  • Priority function
  • Audio trigger function
  • N-8000EX IP Network Intercom Exchange
  • N-8010EX IP Network Intercom Exchange
  • N-8000MI Multi-interface Unit
  • N-8000RS Substation Interface Unit   New!
  • N-8000AF Audio Interface Unit   New!
  • N-8000AL Telephone Interface Unit   New!
  • N-8000CO C/O Interface Unit   New!
  • N-8000DI Direct Select Unit   New!
  • N-8500MS IP Multifunctional Master Station
  • N-8540DS IP Door Station
  • N-8000MS Multifunctional Master Station
  • N-8010MS Standard Master Station
  • N-8011MS Standard Hands-Free Master Station
  • N-8020MS Industrial-Use Master Station
  • N-8031MS Flush-Mount Hands-Free Master Station
  • N-8050DS Door Station
  • N-8031SB Hands-Free Master Station Board Unit
  • N-8050SB Hands-Free Substation Board Unit
  • RS-150 Substation
  • RS-160 Substation (Indoor, Vandal-Resistant)
  • RS-170 Substation (Outdoor Vandal-Resistant)
  • RS-180 Substation (Emergency Use)

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