5000 Series


  • S5.5 Receiver

WT-5800WT-5800 WT-5800 Wireless Tuner
The 5000 series tuners are designed to deliver outstanding performance , stability and reliability. A wide choice of channels can be obtained by the using PLL-synthesized oscillators enabling the selection of channels freely without interference.
Additionally, the 5000 series provide significantly less potential for noise caused by antenna changeover , by employing true diversity and space diversity methods. Two-line LCD display enables faster meter reading. Remaining battery power indication. PLL synthesis is incorporated to generate highly accurate frequency output signals that help achieve better overall system performance. For further performance enhancement, a TOA diversity system eliminates dead spots and provides more stable signal reception. Noise reduction is improved with a squelch function (carrier, noise, tone), and a compounder function minimising ambient noise. For easier operation, a Channel Check function simplifies channel setting operations on microphones using multiple channels simultaneously.

  • Phase Locked Loop (PLL) synthesis operation
  • 64 selectable channels
  • True diversity technology
  • Double super-heterodyne receiving system
  • Two-line LCD display
  • Auto mixing input function
  • Squelch function (carrier, noise, tone)
  • Usable frequencies scanning and vacant channel search function
  • Compact half-rack size body
  • 6 points audio level meter for microphone sensitivity adjustment
  • Compander circuitry for minimizing ambient noise
  • Antenna distribution output
  • Whip antenna × 2
  • Low-battery indicator (wireless microphone's battery voltage becomes low)
WT-5800 Wireless Tuner
Power Consumption 250mA (12V DC)
Receiving Frequency 576–865 MHz*, UHF
Channel Selectable 64 Selectable frequencies
Diversity System Space divercity (true diversity)
Mixing Output MIC: –60dB*1, 600Ω, balanced, XLR-3-31 type connector
LINE: –20dB*1, 600Ω, unbalanced, phone jack
Mixing Input –20dB*1, 10 kΩ, unbalanced, phone jack
Antenna Input 75Ω, BNC (phantom powering for antenna)
9V DC, 30mA (max.)
Antenna Output 75Ω, BNC (Gain 0dB)
Receiving Sensitivity 90dB or more, S/N ratio (20dBμV input, 40kHz deviation)
Squelch Sensitivity 18 – 40dBμV variable
Squelch System Using together of noise SQ, carrier SQ and tone SQ
Indicator Audio (6 step), RF (6 step), ANT A/B, Audio (peak),
battery alarm
Channel Check Usable frequencies scanning
S/N Ratio 110dB or more (A-weight, unbalanced output)
Harmonic Distortion 1% or less (typical)
Frequency Response 100 – 15kHz, ±3 dB
Dimensions 210(W) × 44(H) × 205.1(D) mm (8.27" × 1.73" × 8.07")
Weight 700 g (1.54 lb)
* The number of channels may differ from country to country.
*1 0dB = 1 V

Available System


Available System

WM-5325 WM-4300
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