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Sound Improvement in gymnasium with Line Array Speakers

When sport game, assembly, or ceremony is held in the gymnasium.
In such a case sounds from speakers may not be clearly heard.
Cause and source of resounding, echo, reverb, etc., should be eliminated to make the gymnasium a good acoustical environment.
Below describes example of how to establish adequate acoustic environment in gymnasium.


Harder to hear or make out sounds are those reflected by walls and ceiling.
Typical gymnasiums are constructed by boarded floor and non-sound absorbing ceiling and walls, forming echo-producing environment.
Also speaker should be reviewed as a critical device to contribute to improve intelligibility in the gymnasium. In most gymnasiums, speakers are installed at the stage side. For the sound to travel long distance to the back wall, its level should be high, which means acoustic feedback will easily occur near the speaker outputting large volume of sound.


To minimize sound reflection, the cause of “harder to hear”, it is important to select the speaker which is best suitable for use in the gymnasium. Key selection parameters are: to send sound directly toward the target area without dispersion to any other directions, especially in vertical direction. The Line Array speaker meets these conditions. Further, sound from the Line Array speaker can travel over longer distance without significantly attenuating the level. This means that the volume of the sound source may be lower than that for conventional speaker: low volume sound will solve problems associated with these conventional speakers.
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Line Array image



Sturdy impact-resistant(ball-proof)construction is best suitable for installation in gymnasium with adjustable mounting angle for clear sound delivery.
Emission angle of the Line Array speaker can be adjusted with mounting bracket to allow the sound to travel to the back of gymnasium with minimum reflections.
Example: In gymnasium with 30 m depth, install speaker in the height of approx.
4 m at an angle 0 to 3 degrees downward.

angle image

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