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Secure Wireless Communication - Infrared Wireless Microphone Systems

Infrared microphone is widely used as a convenient wireless communication tool, because of its preventive features against eavesdrop and radio interference.
This content describes "Infrared Wireless Microphone System" in easy-to-understand way.

What's infrared?

Infrared is the light invisible to the eye and harmless to the body.
There are invisible light rays, besides seven visible light spectrum, such as violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red.
Infrared light is one of invisible lights having wavelengths(*1)longer than that of red ray, and therefore called "infra-red"ray.
The light with shorter wavelength than that of visible violet is called ultraviolet ray.
While ultraviolet light has ill effect to human body, e.g. sunburn, infrared light does not.

Spectrum of Light

What're advantages of infrared wireless microphone?

Light does not penetrate walls(*2), therefore the infrared microphone has three features as below.

Privacy function against eavesdrop
Unlike radio waves, infrared ray does not penetrte walls.
Information transmitted through infrared ray will be highly protected against outdoor listening by the third party using a device operating on radio wave.

No interference among adjoining rooms operating on the same channel
Even if the same communication channel is used in asjoining rooms, no interferfence occurs.
Channel change is not required.

Stable communication
Secure communication is assured in urban area without being disturbed by jamming of radio wave communication.

(*2)Penetrates the transparent walls, such as glass walls and windows.

What's suitable location for infrared wireless microphone systems?

Highly recommendable for conference and board rooms located close to each other.

Conference and Board rooms-"Prevention of information leaking"

  • Excellent information security to assure sense of safety.
    Conference and Board rooms

Schoolrooms-"No interference"

  • Stable operations in adjoining schoolrooms without worry about interference.

Cautions : Unsitable locations for use

  • Outdoor, due to the sun-light interference.
  • In front of plasma displays, due to the leakage of infrared noise.

Understanding the features, let's find your best systems!
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