SounDoh VID

Shows useful and interesting sound innobation in video or animation contents.

A flat speaker system equipped with a plane wave unit delivers clear audio to a limited target area with minimal attenuation.

Uniform sound field with F-series ceiling speakers.

Easy to install.Easy to alm.
And easy on the eyes.
The speakers in harmony with acoustics and architecture, TOA H-series.

What is difference between Analog Audio Transmission and Network Audio Transmission?
The advantages of Network Audio Adapters and IP Intercoms are....

Compare the sound difference between Conventional and Line Array speakers in the simulation.

Auto Resonance Control function of M-633D solves the sound deterioration caused by the acoustic Feedback and Resonance in gyms and churches.

Shows the Airport Paging functions to help designing sound systems in simple and smart way.

What makes speech unclear? How can we evaluate the Speech Intelligibility and improve it?