History Topics

TOA's 4 Histories

  • TOA History

01. Beginnings - TOA history

  • The Start of TOA History
  • Progress toward independent management
  • The Start of Overseas Production
  • Toward Stock Exchange Listing
  • Changes in the TOA Logo
  • A Punishing Desert isleSurvival Course
  • NEW TOA - Setting Sail Toward a New Era
  • TOA New Takarazuka Operations Building

02. In appreciation - Application milestones

  • Making an Impression on International Sporting Events
  • Hospitality Through Sound
  • Leader in Automated Guidance Broadcasting
  • Sounds to Lift the Human Spirit
  • Favorable Response to TOA Sound Systems
  • Making Stadiums Come Alive
  • Public Safety & Security
  • Sound Protecting Skyscrapers
  • Clear, True-to-Life Sound Conveys the Passion of the Game!
  • The Sounds of Wimbledon

03. A history of challenges - Product milestones

  • Carbon From Sugar
  • Becoming a Specialist in PA Equipment Manufacture
  • The TOA Trumpet Horn Speaker
  • Transistor Megaphone Development Backstory
  • Voice transmission test through a gigantic horn speaker
  • High Performance Amplifiers
  • First in the World, First in Japan
  • TOA's Most Famous Pruduct
  • Something Different
  • Riding the Karaoke Boom
  • Improving Performances through Sound Design
  • Developing the World's Finest Professional Audio Equipment
  • Z-DRIVE for Professionals in the Field
  • For More People Farther Away

04. Cultural bridges - Social involvement

  • TOA received the Grand Mecenat Award
  • A Regionally Aligned Company
  • For Each Generation, Its Own Form
  • Announcements! Encouragements!

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