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Product history

Company history

Historic events



TOA invests in Hino Seiki Co., Ltd.

History Topics

Riding the Karaoke Boom

TOA's MA-007 amplifier becomes a hit produc

Radiation leak at Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in the United States.



Assembly Fall System

The MA-007 Wireless Music Amplifier (Karaoke) is released, and becomes a big hit.

AIREX Co., Ltd. established.

Sound Room completed at Takarazuka Headquarters.

History Topics

Sounds to Lift the Human Spirit

Istiqlal Mosque in Indonesia

New Tokyo International Airport opened in Narita.




U.K. Branch opened (reorganized as a company in1983).

Stock listed on the Second Section of the Osaka Stock Exchange.

History Topics

Toward Stock Exchange Listing

Nikkei newspaper advertisement announcing TOA's stock listing on the Osaka Securities Exchange's Second Section

Volcanic eruption of Mt. Usuzan, near Toyako Lake in Hokkaido.




Y75 million worth of order received for equipment for Africa's largest soccer stadium in Angola.

Intercom System developed.

Montreal Olympics.

Lockheed bribery scandal rattles Japanese government.




"Replica series" Professional Sound System developed.

Joint venture PT. TOA GALVA INDUSTRIES founded in Jakarta, Indonesia.

History Topics

The Start of Overseas Production

PT. TOA Galva Industries established in Indonesia

History Topics

Leader in Automated Guidance Broadcasting

Automatic guidance broadcasting system installed in Nankai Railway's Nanba Station

Sanyo Shinkansen opens service between Okayama and Hakata.

Ocean Expo '75 held in Okinawa.

Vietnam War ends.



TOA Electronics, Inc. established in San Francisco.

Z-Series amplifiers enjoy excellent reputation.

Electronic Industries Association of Japan (EIAJ) established. Electronic Machinery Industries Association, EIAJ's predecessor, dissolved.



TAKITSU Co., Ltd. founded.

Computer-connected automatic broadcasting system developed.

National Police Agency makes bulk purchase of patrol car PA systems.

TOA ELECTRONICS DEUTSCHLAND G.m.b.H. established in Hamburg (reorganized in 1983).

Indonesian representative office established.

OPEC invokes oil embargo (first oil shock).

Fourth Arab-Israeli War breaks out in the Middle East.




Pasco Co., Ltd. established.

Transfers medical equipment division operations to TOA Medical Electronics Co., Ltd. (now Sysmex Corporation).

Pendent speaker, the industry's first of its kind, developed.

Desk-amplifiers are released.

Automatic train announcement system installed at both Keisei Narita Station and Nankai Wakayakashi Station.

900-series launched in the North American market.

History Topics

Something Different

Somthing Different

Sapporo Winter Olympics.

Sanyo Shinkansen opens between Shin-Osaka and Okayama.

Okinawa reverts to Japan.

Munich Olympics.



United States announces new economic measures to keep the dollar strong (Nixon Shock).

Japanese government shifts from fixed yen/dollar exchange rate to the floating exchange rate system.




TOA Communications Co., Ltd. established (now TOA Engineering Co., Ltd.).

Takeo TOA Co., Ltd. established (now TAKEX Co., Ltd.).

TOA's emergency broadcast systems approved by the Broadcasting Systems Technical Committee.

"Chika-Chika" Series wireless amplifiers is released.

TOA equipment used for Osaka's Expo '70.

History Topics

Hospitality Through Sound

TOA PA system installed on Expo Tower at Expo 70 in Osaka

Radio car used at the Osaka Expo

Expo '70 world's fair opens in Osaka.

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