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Product history

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Historic events




CA-106 and CA-112 transistor amplifiers for automobiles developed.

TOA headquarters move to a new three-story ferro-concrete building equipped with a complete anechoic chamber.

Isewan Typhoon hits Central Japan, resulting in over 5,200 casualties.

Bell Laboratories of the United States announces PN-junction type transistors.


TOA is recognized by MITI (Japan's Ministry of International Trade and Industry) as a model rationalized factory for small and medium enterprises.

TOA receives the Director-General of Small and Medium Enterprises Agency prize.

The second-generation ER-58 transistorized megaphone is released and well received.

History Topics

Transistor Megaphone Development Backstory

ER-58 transistorized megaphone

Third Asian Games held in Tokyo.

First domestic stereo record put on the market.




Japan's first transistorized megaphone, the ER-57, is developed.

History Topics

First in the World, First in Japan

ER-57 transistorized megaphone catalog

TOA NEWS, a company bulletin intended for overseas customers, debuts

NHK commences FM radio broadcasting.

NHK and Nippon Television Network Corporation begin experimental color television broadcasting.

Sputnik 1, Earth's first artificial satellite, launched into orbit by the Soviet Union.



The EM-202 electric megaphone begins volume exports to the United States.

First floor of the ferroconcrete head office building under construction.

Former headquarters building in Kobe

Entire Tokaido Line electrified.

Melbourne Olympics.

Japan's entry into the United Nations approved by the U.N. general assembly.


PA-1 and VA-5 portable amplifiers, CM-10 microphone and TS-5A speaker sold in a complete package.

First domestically produced transistor radios put on the market.

First Asian-African Conference held in Bandung, Indonesia.



Tokyo Office established.

EM-202, the world's first electric megaphone, developed.

EM-202 electric megaphone catalog

"Three Guarantees" basic management policy established.

History Topics

Progress toward independent management

Toyamaru train ferry sunk by Typhoon No. 15 in the Tsugaru Straight between Aomori and Hakodate with 1,698 casualties.

First domestically produced transistors sold.




Commencement of trade with India.

Exports to India begin

NHK television broadcasting commences in Tokyo.


Helsinki Olympics.


TS-30L U

First TOA horn speaker catalog

Commercial radio broadcasting begins in Japan.

Treaty of San Francisco and Security Treaty signed by Japan and the U.S.


TS-25L H


Korean War breaks out.

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