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Product history

Company history

Historic events


TOA Electric Co., Ltd. capitalized at Y500,000, with 12 employees and NAKATANI Tsunetaro as president.

Main factory established in Hyogo-ku, Kobe.

TOA's company headquarters in 1934

Japan Industrial Standard (JIS) established.

People's Republic of China established.


Radio Communication Machinery Industries Association (currently, Electronic Industries Association of Japan) established.

London Olympics.

American William Bradford Shockley invents the transistor.

First Arab-Israeli Conflict breaks out in the Middle East.




TOA returns from Tokushima to Kobe, and restarts operations in Kobe's Suma ward.

Japan's first permanent reflex horn speaker developed.

History Topics

The TOA Trumpet Horn Speaker

Reflex horn speaker.

Japan's Constitution ratified.

United States announces the Marshall Plan.


First Japanese National Athletic Meet held in Kyoto/Osaka/Kobe area.


The company building is totally destroyed in the March 16 and 17 Kobe air raids.

Atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Japan unconditionally surrenders, bringing end to the Pacific War.

United Nations organized.

Korean Peninsula divided into North and South.


Cover of TOA products catalog from around 1944

Volcanic eruption in Hokkaido creates new mountain (Mt. Showa-Shinzan).

First Tokyo Air Raids by American B-29 bombers launched from base in Mariana Islands.


Manufacturing of microphones, amplifiers and speakers consolidated into TOA's own factory.


Japanese military attack Pearl Harbor, land on the Malay Peninsula and declare war against the United States and Great Britain, signaling the start of the Pacific War.

Atlantic Charter agreement signed by the United States and Great Britain.


TOA Type 60

TOA Type 120

Tripartite Pact signed by Japan, Germany and Italy.


Portable Amplifier

The company moves to new premises on Shimosawa-dori in Kobe's Hyogo ward.

Consistent production of TOA Type 35 Reitz microphones and Type 2010 horn speakers achieved.

History Topics

Becoming a Specialist in PA Equipment Manufacture

TOA's unique portable amplifier debuts

German troops advance into Poland, marking the start of World War II.

NHK Science & Technical Research Laboratories carry out successful experimental television broadcasts.


Torrential rains in the Osaka-Kobe region kill 933 people.


Marco Polo Bridge Incident signals start of the Second Sino-Japanese War.

Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) begins radio broadcasts.


February 26 Incident (attempted coup d'etat by young Imperial Japanese Army officers).

Berlin Olympics.

Spanish Civil War breaks out.


Inaugurated in Kobe by NAKATANI Tsunetaro as TOA Electric Manufacturing Company.

Production and sales of horn speakers, microphones and amplifiers begin.

Mr. NAKATANI Tsunetaro (TOA's first president)

History Topics

The Start of TOA History

The Kamisawa Street area of Kobe around the time of TOA's founding (viewed from Kobe Tower in Shinkaichi.)

Typhoon Muroto devastates the Kansai region.

Wireless telephone communication lines open between Tokyo and Manila.

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