Information & Communication

Information & Communication

Applying audio and video technology toward improved practicality and functionality is the key to developing information communication systems capable of matching the pace of accelerating progress.

Communicating important information quickly and efficiently is vital in busy public spaces where large numbers of people come and go at a dizzying pace. The innumerable repeated announcements and other types of audio and video guidance used in these spaces, while often taken for granted, are essential in helping people navigate these areas with a minimum of stress and confusion. Further, just as the evolution of powerful networks has freed our communications from conventional concepts of time and distance, dramatic advances in information technology daily expand our message exchange capabilities into increasingly sophisticated new scenarios. Amidst these advances, TOA combines technologies for Seeing, Hearing, and Communicating in unique and original ways to create information communication systems that are ever richer in amenity and convenience.

Public Address Equipment

Responding to the increasingly  advanced needs of society.Security Equipment:Security needs are growing in public spaces and venues close to people's daily lives, from financial and commercial institutions, train stations and airports to schools, apartment buildings, and even parking lots. TOA integrates its video and audio technologies to meet these needs with an original lineup of unique"system solution"products.Information Products

Wireless System

-UHF Wireless System
-VHF Wireless System
-Wireless Guide System

Portable Amplifier

-Portable Amplifier System
-On-the-Road PA System


-Microphone (for paging)
-Microphone (for speech)
-Microphone (with flexible shaft)
-Microphone (for special applications)
-Connection-Related Equipment
-Lecture Amplifier
-Lecture Table
-Microphone Stand



Car-Mounted PA Amplifier

-Car-Mounted Amplifier
-Car-Mounted Horn Speaker

Sound Control Equipment / Amplifier

-Rack-Mounted Mixer
-Mixer for Large Public Space
-Digital Signal Processor
-Signal Processor
-Power Amplifier
-Interface Unit
-Peripheral Equipment of Rack PA System

AV System for Educational Applications

-AV Control Desk
-Peripheral Equipment of AV Control Desk
-Desk Type Broadcast System
-Liquid Crystal Projector
-Audio Video Selector
-AV System Mixer

PA Amplifier

-PA Amplifier
-Outdoor-Use PA Amplifier

Music Play Equipment

-Background Music (BGM)Equipment
-Commercial (CM)/Background Music (BGM) Equipment
-Digital Announcer
-Program Timer
-Sound Repeater


-Ceiling Speaker
-Wall-Mounted Speaker
-Horn Speaker
-Wide Horn Speaker
-Straight Horn Speaker
-Column Speaker
-Special Speaker
-Compact Speaker
-Interior Design Speaker
-Speaker System
-Monitor Speaker System
-Splash-Proof Speaker System
-Hall Speaker System
-Multi-Use Speaker System
-Speaker Component for Large Public Space

Communication Equipment

Assuring solid support in times of emergency.Emergency Equipment:Ensuring safety and saving lives during fires, earthquakes, and other emergency situations is always a major consideration. In settings from densely inhabited high-rise buildings to crowded underground shopping arcades, TOA applies know-how cultivated through long years of experience to offer advanced, highly reliable emergency broadcast and voice evacuation systems and equipment.Communication Product

Wireless System

-In-Store Wireless Communication System

Telecom Equipment

-Leased Line PA Controller
-Call/Response Telephone "TELWIDE"
-Multi-Point Simultaneous Broadcast System
-Telephone PA Control System

Intercom System

-EXES-7000 Series
-EXES-2000 Series

Conference / Assembly Hall System

-Smart Congress System
-Conference System
-Conference / Congress-Related Equipment

Network Equipment

-Network Audio Adapter

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