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WM-5220 UHF Hand-held Wireless Microphone


The WM-5220 Wireless Microphone employs an electret condenser microphone capsule and is suitable for any applications. Thanks to the PLL-synthesizer system, 64 different operating frequencies are made available. A high output power ensures stable radio signal transmission.

Microphone Element Electret condenser unit: Cardioid
Modulation Frequency modulation
Frequency Range 636 - 865 MHz*
Channel Selectable 64 channels
RF Carrier Power 50 mW or less
Tone Frequency 32.768 kHz
Oscillator PLL synthesized
Maximum Input Level 126 dB SPL
Maximum Deviation ±40 kHz
Audio Frequency Response 100 Hz - 15 kHz
Dynamic Range (AF Circuit) 95 dB or more (with WT-5800)
Battery LR6 (AA)
Battery Life 10 hours or more (alkaline)
Indicator Power/Battery lamps
Antenna Built-in type
Operating Temperature -10 ℃ to +50 ℃
Finish Resin
Dimensions φ43.6 × 231.5 mm
Weight 180 g (with battery)
Accessory Microphone holder W3/8" (Stand adapter W5/8" >> W3/8") …1
Storage case …1
Frequency Range
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