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SX-2000SM System Manager


The SX-2000SM System Manager is designed for use in TOA's Matrix System and can be mounted in an EIA Standard component rack (1-unit size). It can be used in combination with an optional audio input unit audio output unit and remote microphone of the SX-2000 Series to make up a complete matrix system and can perform audio signal routing and priority control for the entire system. The SX-2000SM itself is equipped with 8 control inputs, 8 control outputs, failure status outputs, failure data inputs/switches, access indicators, mode indicators and failure indicators enabling a wide range of controls and status monitoring. Control input line failure can be detected by connecting resistors to its line. The SX-2000SM has a function to supply a stabilized 24 V DC. Each control can be performed by way of a CF card inserted into the SX-2000SM unit. Operations of the entire system can be recorded and their contents stored on a CF card as an operation log. The SX-2000SM also features two power inputs making possible the creation of a dual-redundant power system. Equipped with two channels of interfaces for connecting to the Emergency Power Supply units, making it possible to configure the system to operate during a power failure.

Power Source Usable power supply unit: VX-200PS
24 V DC (operational range: 20 V - 40 V DC)
Two power inputs construction enables dual- redundant power supply.
Current Consumption 1.1 A or less (maximum value in the power operating range)
0.8 A or less (when operated on 24 V DC)
Indication/Operation SX link access indicator: 2
LAN access indicator: 1
Mode indicator: 3 (EMERGENCY/STANDBY/ CPU OFF)
Failure indicator: 3 (GENERAL/CPU/SX LINK)
Power indicator: 1 (POWER)
Run indicator: 1 (RUN)
Failure control switch: 3 (ACK/RESET/LAMP TEST)
SX Link
Network I/F 2 100BASE-TX circuits, RJ45 connector
Matrix System Specification Bus: 16
Audio input: Max. 64 ch
Audio output: Max. 256 zones
Contact input: Max. 1416
Contact output: Max. 1416
Priority control: 512 steps
Event log: Up to 1,000 logs per file (up to 100 files available)
Failure log: Up to 100 logs per file (up to 100 files available)
Matrix System Configuration Connectable SX-2100AI No.: Max. 8 units
Connectable SX-2000AO/2100AO No.: Max. 32 units
Connectable SX-2000CI No.: Max. 32 units
Connectable SX-2000CO No.: Max. 32 units
Connectable RM-200SA/SF No.: Max. 64 units (up to 8 RM-200SA per SX-2100AI)
Connection Cable/Device Shielded Category 5 twisted pair cable (CAT5-STP)
(Connect SX-2100AI and SX-2000AO/2100AO via the switching hub specified by TOA.)
Note: This network must be made completely independent from other LAN.
Number of Cascaded Switching Hub Up to 7
Maximum Cable Distance 100 m (between this unit and a Number of Cascaded Switching Hubs, or between Number
of Cascaded Switching Hubs)
Network I/F 1 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX circuit (selectable by automatic recognition), RJ45 connector
for maintenance use
Network Protocol TCP/IP
Connection Cable Shielded Category 5 twisted pair cable for LAN (CAT5-STP)
Maximum Cable Distance 100 m (between this unit and a Switching Hub, or between a Switching Hub and a PC)
Analog Link
Input/Output Connector Output: 2, RJ45 connector
Connection Cable Shielded Category 5 twisted pair cable (CAT5-STP)
(1 pair of audio wire + 1 pair of control wire (CPU OFF) +
1 pair of control wire (system reset/standby) + 1 pair of connection check wire)
Maximum Cable Distance Total length of analog audio link: 800 m
DS Link
Usable Unit VX-2000DS
Connector/Cable 2 interface, RJ45 Connector, Shielded Category 5 twisted pair cable (CAT5-STP)
Maximum Cable Distance 5 m
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