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ATT-311 Attenuator



Intended for the ceiling speakers, the ATT-311 attenuator can adjust the speaker sound volume level in four steps depending on the installation place. Its push-in connector allows quick wire connection. Branched wiring and bridging are both possible.

Rated Input 3 W
Sound Volume Adjustment 1 W-3 W type
3 (0 dB), 2 (-6 dB), 1 (-12 dB), 0 (OFF) (1 W terminal connection)
3 (0 dB), 2 (-9 dB), 1 (-15 dB), 0 (OFF) (3 W terminal connection)
Usable Cable 600 V vinyl-insulated cable (IV cable and HIV cable)
Solid cable (Copper wire) : φ0.8 (0.03")〜φ1.2 (0.05") mm
Stranded cable (7-core copper wire) : 0.75 (0.03")〜1.25 (0.05") mm
Wiring Method Push-in connector (Bridging terminal / 2-branch type)
Finish Holder : ABS resin, Black
Dimensions(W×H×D) 64 (2.52")×69.5 (2.74")×27 (1.06") mm
Weight 40 g (0.09 lb.)
Usable Speakers PC-1837, PC-2337
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