Crystal Clear Conferencing
Across Any Distance

The AM-CF1 is an audio collaboration system that will change your perception of web conferences.
Designed to provide you the most comfortable and natural web conferencing audio experience.

  • Everyone Can Hear
    The powerful soundbar with two active 2-way speakers ensures that everyone can hear the sound coming from remote locations clearly. The built-in Digital Signal Processor further improves the sound quality with functions such as Automatic Echo Cancellation and Automatic Noise Reduction.
    Everyone Can Hear
  • Everyone Can Be Heard
    A line array with 8 microphone elements enables to track sound automatically. It helps to clearly pick up the voice of a particular participant in the conference whether the person is positioning right next to the microphone or at the far end of the table.
    AM-CF1 steering mic
  • Natural as Face-to-Face
    With the integrated array mic and soundbar positioned right below the display and a webcam at the best position, participants can talk with each other just as they would in a normal conversation.
    Natural as Face-to-Face


  • Simple and
    Sophisticated Look
    The AM-CF1 is available in black and white color, letting it fit in any interior design.
  • Interactive LED Indicators
    Seven LEDs allow visual monitoring of presenter location, microphone gain level, and microphone mute status. Each participant can be sure that his/her voice is certainly picked up.
  • Setting via Web Browser
    The AM-CF1 has a dedicated web browser interface for detailed device settings such as voice tracking field and sensitivity adjustment, audio mixing or DSP settings to achieve the best performance in every project.
  • dsp_ico
    Integrated DSP functions including AEC and NC
  • stereo_ico
    Stereo soundbar with auxiliary stereo audio inputs/outputs
  • usb_ico
    Built-in USB Hub for webcam integration
  • codec_ico
    Codec input /output and Contact Closure inputs/outputs
  • bluetooth_ico
    Bluetooth interface for wireless connections
  • touch_ico
    3rd party controls available


Ideal for applications including huddle-rooms and small to medium meeting spaces. Designed to cover space of 6 × 6 m (20 × 20 ft) with participants of 4 to 8 people.
Ideal for huddle rooms
Ideal for huddle rooms
Ideal for huddle rooms
Ideal for huddle rooms


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