Best Audio Collaboration System
for Web Conference

Microphone + Stereo Soundbar + DSP

The AM-CF1 Integrated Audio Collaboration System is a cutting-edge audio conferencing technology.
As a professional steerable microphone array system with integrated stereo soundbar,
the AM-CF1 is the perfect all-in-one conferencing solution for small to medium size conference spaces.
  • Experience Natural Conversation
    With the integrated array mic and soundbar positioned right below the display, participants can talk with each other just as they would in a normal conversation.
    Experience Natural Conversation
  • Make Your Presentations Impactful
    Presentations become impactful with professional grade high-quality audio delivered via stereo soundbar and subwoofer output.
    Make Your Presentations Impactful
  • Start Clear Communication in a Minute
    You don't need to carry around a portable speakerphone.
    Start Clear Communication in a Minute


  • #01
    Beam Steering Array
    Microphone Technology
    A line array with eight microphone elements enables to track sound automatically. It helps to clearly pick up the voice of a particular participant in the conference whether the person is positioning right next to the microphone or at the far end of the table.
  • #02
    Voice Reactive LED
    Seven LED indicators behind the front grille illuminate the soundbar to visually monitor presenter location,microphone gain level, and microphone mute status.
  • #03
    Easy Setup And Control
    The browser interface is available to make adjustments to parameter settings such as mixer volume controls and voice tracking features.


  • dsp_ico
    Integrated DSP functions including AEC and NC
  • stereo_ico
    Stereo soundbar with auxiliary stereo audio inputs/outputs
  • usb_ico
    Built-in USB Hub for webcam integration
  • codec_ico
    Codec input /output and Contact Closure inputs/outputs
  • bluetooth_ico
    Bluetooth interface for wireless connections
  • touch_ico
    3rd party controls available




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