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C-CH210FH Outdoor Camera Housing


The C-CH210FH camera housing is designed to house a television camera, fixed focal length lens, zoom lens and other components to protect them from the direct sunlight, wind and rain when they are installed outdoors. The C-CH210FH is equipped with a heater, a fan, a defroster, and a wiper.

Power Source 24 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Current Consumption Fan: 4.6 W
Heater: 19 W
Defroster: 5 W
Wiper: 2.3 W
Fan/heater Operating Temperature Fan: Turns on at approx. 26 ℃ or more
Heater: Turns on at approx. 10 ℃ or less
Defroster: Turns on at approx. 30 ℃ or less, and turns off at approx. 50 ℃ or more
Operating Temperature -20 ℃ to +45 ℃
(If the wiper driving section is frozen, the wiper does not correctly work.)
Operating Humidity 30 % to 98 %RH
Application Indoors and outdoors (except seaside and industrial districts where the unit is
subject to corrosion, and heights that expose the unit to strong wind pressure)
Waterproof/Dustproof Capability IP54
Finish Unit: Aluminum extrusion, off-white, paint
Panel: Die-cast aluminum, off-white, paint
Dimensions 195 (W) × 207 (H) × 500 (D) mm
Weight 6 kg
Accessory Camera mounting bolt …2, Housing fixing bolt …4, Washer …1set,
Coaxial cable for internal wiring …1, Zoom lens cable for internal wiring …1,
Camera power supply cable (for 24 V) for internal wiring …1
Applicable Camera C-CC364(*1), C-CV14-CS, N-CC2360(*2)
Option Housing fixing stand: C-BC200H
Wall mounting bracket: C-BC200K
Pan/tilt head: C-PH200
(*1) Unusable in combination with CT-0312GB, CT-R2VFG.
(*2) Unusable in combination with CT-0312GB, CT-10ZMGA, CT-21ZMG, CT-6ZMG, or CT-R2VFG.
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