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C-CH100FH Outdoor Camera Housing


The C-CH100FH is a rainproof camera housing that protects the CCTV camera with a standard lens or zoom lens from the direct sunlight, wind and rain when installed outdoors. It comes with both a fan and heater, and can be suspended from a ceiling or mounted to a wall using the mounting bracket.

Power Source 24 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 25 W
Fan/heater Operating Fan: Turns on at approx. 26 %%dC or more
Temperature Heater: Turns on at approx. 10 %%dC or less
Application General outdoor environments (except seaside and industrial districts where the unit is
subject to corrosion, and heights that expose the unit to strong wind pressure)
Operating Temperature -20 ℃ to +45 ℃
Operating Humidity 98 %RH or less
Waterproof Resistance IEC529 IP33(*1)
Finish Panel: Die-cast aluminum, light-beige, paint Other parts: Aluminum, off-white, paint
Dimensions 172 (W) × 159 (H) × 400 (D) mm
Internal Capacity 80 (W) × 77 (H) × 305 (D) mm
Weight 2.2 kg
Accessory Camera mounting screw… 1 set
Applicable Camera C-CC364, C-CV14-2, C-CV14-CS(*2), N-CC2360(*3)
Option Ceiling suspension bracket: C-BC100T Wall mounting bracket: C-BC100K
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