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Audio Source Device


AM/FM Synthesizer Tuner


The DT-940 is an AM/FM radio tuner. 20 receiving channels each of AM and FM broadcasts can be stored in memory, which can be recalled by one-touch key operation. The unit can be mounted on an EIA equipment rack using the optional MB-15B Rack Mounting Bracket.

EV-700 Digital Announcer

EV-700 W

The EV-700 is a digital announcing machine capable of recording/playback. It is ideal for periodical, attention calling, and guide broadcasts uses in commercial and public facilities. Using the Setting Software makes it easy to perform sound source rewriting, settings, and controls. Preset sound sources like chime sound and Westminster chime are stored on the supplied memory card. The EV-700 can be mounted in an EIA-Standard equipment rack with the optional rack mounting bracket (1U size).

EV-CF128M Memory Card


The EV-CF128M is a memory card that is a combination of compact flash card and ATA flash card adapter. It can store 128 MB of the sentences and programs of the digital announcer.

EV-20R Sound Repeater


The EV-20R is a convenient addition to sites where the same message or music is repeatedly broadcast.Up to 4 types of music and messages (6 minutes total time) can be recorded and played back.The USB port facilitates recording by transferring the supplied sound sources from a PC to the unit.The unit's small built-in amplifier enables small-scale broadcasts through a simple speaker connection.

ML-301B Melody Chime


Employing an internal FM sound source, the ML-301B plays back Westminster chime as a time signal at times preset by timer. It also sounds a four-tone chime as a paging pre-annoucement tone.

AD-246 AC Adapter

AD-246 UK

The AD-246 is a compact switching AC adapter.

AD-246 AC Adapter

AD-246 US

The AD-246 is a compact switching AC adapter.

AD-246 AC Adapter

AD-246 ER

The AD-246 is a compact switching AC adapter.

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