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V-1251B Mic Input Module with Transformer Isolated Input and Programming Function


The V-1251B is a microphone preamplifier module with transformer-isolated input and programing functions. It designed for use with the VM series mixer power amplifiers and the mixer flame.

Power Requirement 24 V DC
Current Consumption 34 mA
Input Sensitivity and Impedance -60 dBm 600 Ω, balanced
Output Level and Impedance -20 dBV 10 kΩ
Frequency Response 30 Hz〜20,000 Hz %%p 1 dB
Speech Filter -12 dB at 100 Hz
Distortion Less than 0.3 % (f=1 kHz sine wave)
Noise Level -126 dBV (20 Hz〜20,000 Hz, 200 Ω terminated)
Indicator In-use indicator (green LED)
Controls 1 × slide volume control
Programming Functions Highest priority, 1st-in-1st-served priority
Cascade priority, Speech filter
Busy indication, Chime distribution
Mic enable function
Connections Input : 5-pin DIN socket
Output and power received : 10-pin card connector
Color Black
Dimensions(W×H×D) 40 (1.57")×129 (5.08")×212 (8.35") mm
Weight 162 g (0.36 lb.)
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