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V-1022B Preamplifier Module for Wireless Tuner


The Preamplifier Module for Wireless Tuner V-1022B is designed for use with the VM series Mixier Power Amplifiers and the Mixier Frame V-1000B. It can receive a carrier from the wireless microphone when used with the optional wireless tuner unit WTU-761. The V-1022B has various applications which are determined by the selection of programming functions and the insertion in the Mixier Power Amplifiers or the Mixer Frame. These programming functions are activated when the tuner receives a carrier from the wireless microphone and the In-use Indication lights.

Power Requirement 24 V DC
Current Consumption Power switch off : 10 mA
Power switch on : 90 mA
Output Level -20 dBV
Output Impedance 10 kΩ, unbalanced
Antenna Impedance 75 Ω, unbalanced
Frequency Response 50 Hz〜15,000 Hz %%p 2 dB
Distortion Less than 1 % at 1 kHz, rated output
S/N Ratio Better than 90 dB
Speech Filter -12 dB at 100 Hz
Indicator In-use indicator (Green)
Goes off : When the power switch is turned off or when other functions
with higher priority are operated.
Goes on and off : at no signal
Lights : When receiving a signal from the wireless microphone.
Controls 1. Power switch
2. Output level control
3. Carrier squelch level control
Programming Functions 1. Highest priority 2. 1st-in-1st-Served priority 3. Cascade priority
4. Speech filter 5. Busy indication 6. Chime distribution
Connections Antenna inputs : F-type socket for coaxial cable
Output and Power : 10-pin card
Received : Connector
Color Black
Dimensions(W×H×D) 40 (1.57")×129 (5.08")×212 (8.35") mm
Weight 151 g (0.33 lb.)
Adaptable Tuner WTU-761 (Optional)
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