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M-11S Microphone Input with Mute-Receive


- For Balanced, Low Impedance Microphones.
- High and Low Cut Fileters for tone control, 4.2k Hz and 330 Hz, 6 dB/octave.
- Phantom Power, +22V DC for condenser-type microphones. Activate by default, cut Jumper J1 to disable.
- Responds To Mute Bus Activation, via Mute SEND module or switch-closure.
- Responds To Both Mute Bus #1 And Mute Bus #2 By Default (cut jumper(s) to disconnect individual mute bus).
- Two Mute Response Modes (cut jumpers to configure):
1. Normally-ON - turns OFF during mute activation (most common)
2. Normally-OFF - turns ON during mute activation (functions as an ON/OFF switch, useful for zone-paging microphones in multi-amplifier systems)
- Connector: removable terminal block

Faceplate Controls Gain, high and low cut filters
PCB Controls Phantom power defeat, mute bus selection
Input Impedance 600 ohms, balanced transformer-isolated
Sensitivity -70 to -50 dBu
Gain 32 to 52 dB
Noise (EIN) -126 dBu, 200 ohms terminated
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