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Top Interview (7/7)

Keeping Up With the Changing Trends of the Times

INSERT: TAKEUCHI Kazuhiro, TOA President,CEO

I understand that the circumstances in which we can be easily connected with each other provide a good chance to increase the opportunities for both internal and external conversations more than ever before. Taking this opportunity, I, too, have enjoyed conversations with friends who live far away after many years apart. The online video conversations I was able to have while actually looking at my friend’s expressions were completely different from a mere exchange of words or illustrations, and gave me a nostalgic feeling for the distant past for reasons I couldn’t clearly comprehend.

I often hear about online company drinking parties, and whenever I do, I wonder how they could have so much to talk about. However, in spite of that, the parties seem to last well beyond free use times and sometimes well into the early morning hours of the next day. That may just be one of the advantages of being able to enjoy drinking without worrying about catching the last train.

These experiences make me feel that as each individual ventures outside the boundaries of his or her familiar territory, new everyday lives adapting to new forms of communication will be born in the future.

Because the world is currently undergoing such significant changes, is this not also a chance for us to change significantly? Problems we’ve never encountered before or changes in our sense of values must eventually be reflected in various industries. It’s my belief that we should create and offer a new “value of sound” that only we at TOA can realize by accurately grasping such trends of the times.

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