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Cultivating Human Resources

-How are you working on cultivating human resources?

We will use these changes in the environment as an opportunity to improve engagement, which is the most important factor for achieving organizational strength, while focusing on cultivating human resources so as to foster strong, autonomous individuals.

If we can pool the strengths of our workers, that will unleash an unimaginable power for our organization. In order to ensure that everyone is heading in the same direction in their work, it is critical that we make sure they share the same direction as our company. I believe that using online tools and other digital tools to communicate on a day-to-day basis will form the basis of engagement.

I also hope that TOA employees will feel that they can do what they want to do in this company, and that more and more of them will develop the ambition to become entrepreneurs within the company. In order to cultivate such strong individuals, I believe it is necessary to gain experience testing one’s own abilities while engaging with people in other companies, through participation in hackathons, pitch events, and the like.

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