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As a Specialized Sound Manufacturer

- As a specialized sound system manufacturer, what sort of things can we do at TOA to contribute to society while struggling under the conditions of today’s coronavirus pandemic?

One prime example is, of course, to wear a mask or make efforts to maintain “social distancing” tends to result in communication problems. We are now studying methods for adjusting audio depending on face mask usage or mask material, and it has become increasingly clear that the ease with which speech can be heard can be improved by utilizing many of the functions already built in our products. When voices are difficult to hear, the very action of trying to understand what is being said by concentrating one’s attention can result in considerable build-up of stress. By extension, stresses must surely be building up in the venues of school lessons, lectures or conferences without even realizing it. In such cases, audibility-related stress can be drastically reduced by merely making slight adjustments to audio equipment.

For the new fiscal year, we also have plans to market new amplifiers equipped with network capabilities that make it possible to confirm operating status from remote locations. It is expected that the necessity of offering services with no physical contact will be increasing in the years ahead. Since our latest amplifiers allow equipment operating status to be remotely checked, many troubleshooting and maintenance issues can be quickly resolved without having to send engineers to the installation site while minimizing the risk of physical contact.

Besides the above, there also are many cases where TOA can offer assistance by means of sound, such as in providing notification broadcasts for prevention of infection, auxiliary announcements around checkout lanes in supermarkets and a system that eases communications through handsfree voice amplification. We have already received many inquiries about our new handsfree systems as well, which were put on the market in June of this year.

In the promotion of work style reform while the world contends with the current coronavirus pandemic, we came to realize that we cannot respond and contribute to society if we continue to believe that we only begin to take action after having been told how certain systems or rules of reform work. Our current attitude is to always strive to become aware of changes in the world ahead of other companies, and to take action promptly while carefully considering ways to cope with such changes as they become necessary.

We continue to promote solution proposal activities that take into account various social distancing considerations as the prevailing social themes we are now facing, by further utilizing values that are the result of our efforts so far.

For Example… The Influence on Sound by Wearing Face Masks or Maintaining Social Distancing

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