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Top Interview (6/8)

Investment for our Further Growth

- The terms “connected business” and “AI” seem to have become keywords for the investment area, and are expected to see major growth in the future. Could you please share with us your thoughts on this subject?

Over the years, TOA has been connected with many of our customers through the supply of emergency and general-purpose broadcast systems. It is important that we consider what kinds of services we can provide by making the most of our ability to stay closely connected to our customers. It is possible to check batteries and other consumable parts for deterioration, as well as entire systems for correct voice transmission. Over the long term, regular check-ups and maintenance can more significantly reduce both time loss and related costs than hurried visits to installation sites in order to solve problems after they occur. If our customers understand this, the chances for even more Connected Business will further expand.

The effective utilization of “AI” is also an important keyword. We’re currently conducting in-house training at TOA in the hopes of first having our employees master the basics of AI. I’m hoping that not only our engineers directly involved in development, but also people working with other indirect divisions will come to better know that AI can be used effectively to improve work efficiency.

TOA’s engineering capabilities as a specialized sound system manufacturer represent one of our most important strengths. We’re constantly trying to understand the types of systems our customers are seeking, and then propose systems after hearing their requirements. Further, we know very well how to operate and connect equipment to facilitate the use of the system as a whole. These advantages all combine to enable us to supply the most ideal systems to our customers. If it becomes possible for us to grasp a customer’s situation more precisely thanks to the evolution of both the Connected Business and AI, then we will be able to further enhance TOA’s innate strengths.

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