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Knowledge Square

- TOA’s Knowledge Square is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2020 on the premises of our Takarazuka R&D Center, which is currently undergoing a complete redevelopment. What sorts of special features are being considered for this new building that will serve as a base for co-creation?

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The main aim of our new Knowledge Square is to create a Place of Connections, not only with those involved in the actual development, but also users, clients and other stakeholders for the purpose of creating new value in collaboration with each of them. One of the features of the system we’ve developed to help achieve this purpose is a facility that enables visitors to actually see TOA’s manufacturing processes. The products we’re planning to display in this facility will include an advanced evacuation guidance system that utilizes both audio and video technologies, as well as an office communications system that naturally picks up calls by simply pressing a button. This system will also allow conversations between people working separately in different offices and even different countries, automatically translating the contents of a conversation into each respective language before transmitting them to the other party. In addition, we’ve also designed the facility to allow easy viewing of our product inspection process, including a vibration test. In the future, TOA will not be able to achieve rapid product development entirely on its own. So, it is hoped that this facility will first and foremost become a place where various people can gather, and that collaboration and co-creation can blossom through such gatherings.

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