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About the Management Vision 2030 Phase 1 Initiatives

-In Phase 1, what kind of initiatives will you be engaging in?

Within Management Vision 2030, we have positioned the two years comprising FY2021 and FY2022 as “Phase 1.” First, we must determine the future of the new normal and establish a firm footing for our next step.

By reforming our organization to be able to match the speed of the ever-accelerating environmental changes, we will both raise our profitability and competitiveness on a global level and promote the construction of a brand new basis for growth.

Toward the goal of two-axis management, we will push ahead with planning and development of products that make the most of our marketing skills, as well as optimizing our products from a cosmopolitan standpoint, and thereby raise the profitability of our existing business fields, centered on audio equipment. Simultaneously, we will promote next-gen communication systems that are “remote and centralized,” “diversified and automated.” For that reason, we will be deepening our cooperation and co-creation with industry, academia, and government and working to search out and create new growth fields.

The critical basis that will be needed to promote these policy priorities is digital maintenance. While the core information structure that acts as an engine for revenue-expansion is a given, we will continue to proactively invest in new service businesses, digital marketing, and our digital platforms that integrate information and data from various product groups connected to the network.

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