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Utilization of Digital Platforms

- Please tell us how you plan to achieve an optimized business model through the utilization of digital platforms and an information system that can become the base for future digital environments.

To improve our customer service, we have also continued to enhance our digital platforms to manage the processing of both internal and external information. These improved platforms help realize more diversified work styles, such as remote work. Also, by digitalizing sales promotion tools, we are able to offer our customers and clients more easily understandable content, and continue to promote business process reform under the currently prevailing conditions in which direct contact with our customers is severely restricted.

Our basic integrated information system, which includes the Global Management System (GMS), is continuously being utilized, and is evolving as a backbone function of management into a system that features both flexibility and sustainability. We are also planning to create new digital platform systems that feature a System of Engagement (SoE) that prioritizes connections between ourselves and our customers, including customer information and activities, in the hopes that it will function as a fundamental infrastructure for new business models in the future.

As an example of our approach to these projects, in the field of digital marketing, we are in the process of attracting prospective customers through websites or exhibitions, and are now contemplating offering web content that can better pinpoint various customer interests. The utilization of these functions is proceeding rapidly as a result of the current novel coronavirus pandemic.

For this term’s business deployments, I believe that our products and services can be more effectively used as solutions for, by way of example, school noise problems, which are a constant source of complaints from neighboring residential areas, or in the prevention of crop damage from pests and wild animals, as well as in the improvement of audio-related problems in the increasing number of web conferences currently being held around the world. By proffering these digital tools, we can potentially contribute to finding solutions for a broad range of issues.

Business Optimization Through the Use of Digital Platforms

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