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About Management Vision 2030

-Please tell us about the direction the company is aiming for, and the goals, of the newly devised “Management Vision 2030.”

First, as an absolute prerequisite, in addition to strongly holding on to our share while aiming for greater efficiency in our existing business areas, with a focus on the emergency broadcast systems that TOA is famous for, we will strike out into all new business areas. We are promoting this two-axis management as the basic concept for our business development as we move toward 2030. In pursuit of our two-axis management, we hope to become an even more indispensable part of society as a specialist manufacturer of sound. That’s where we want to be by the end of the decade. This idea is embodied in “Dr. Sound: A professional organization that improves sound in society.”

The “Dr.” in “Dr. Sound” is meant to convey two meanings: the first is that of a physician gently curing our customers’ sound-related ills, in our role as a consultant; the second is that of a scholar of the academy, conveying our wish to provide easy-to-understand explanations of the effects of sound based on scholarly evidence. For example, we at TOA are promoting research to understand emotions from things like words and facial expressions. In the service sector, understanding how a customer feels in advance changes how one approaches them, and in online conversations this would be a real help. In the past, we have made a name for ourselves in the area of one-to-many communications, but going forward we will build a business that supports two-way communications.

At the same time, through our connected business, TOA will not only perform alive monitoring remotely on systems we have delivered, but further improve them so that they can constantly maintain an optimal status. If we can enable these things, TOA will be able to manage communication and information conveyance needed for purposes like disaster reduction and prevention, and managing an entire region.

We will also develop services to promote more consistent, everyday use of broadcasting systems. One example of this is our “Announcement Creator,” which went on sale in April 2021. Our customers normally have a sound file with a fixed script, which they would broadcast at a particular time. With this new service, all the customers have to do is create the text of their choice, and this generates the sound data that can then be used in announcements. This is contributing to a streamlining of broadcasting operations at commercial and public facilities, and to a reduction of renewal costs.

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