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Transnational Strategy Department

- Could you please provide us with some more information on the goals for the establishment of the Transnational Strategy Department?

We established the Transnational Strategy Department within TOA’s International Business Division with the aim of maintaining a continuous connection to our customers and system integrators that develop business globally. For example, if a certain company uses a TOA sound system in China, but a different TOA system is employed by the same company in the United States, when information needs to be simultaneously dispatched, they must be handled individually. Also, TOA holds a sizeable market share in the field of sound systems for domestic airports. However, there are cases where they are not employed at all in some other countries. Our goal is to better utilize our expertise in airports which we’ve accumulated in Japan over the years. In this way, our plan is to accelerate deployment through two courses of activity: One being to promote global user development and the other to improve on the unevenness of individual markets.

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