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Top Interview (3/8)

Possibility by Demonstration Experiments

- Could you please share your thoughts about the possibilities of voice articulation, as we hear that TOA has been working on some demonstration experiments?

Since we’ve seen a slew of natural disasters of late, people have become increasingly conscious of the fact that critical broadcast announcements must be able to be clearly heard. One’s ability to hear voices clearly differs depending on age. Our demonstration experiments on voice articulation technology, which were carried out in Tokyo’s metropolitan subway system in October of 2018, represent just one of such efforts. By independently designing audio frequencies or differences in sound pressure, information can be delivered to as many people as possible in a manner that does not simply transmit voice announcements, but also enables even older people to hear these voices clearly. Also, we’ve found that an announcement can usually be heard clearly if it is made by a professional announcer. However, if the same announcement is made instead by an ordinary person, it tends to be harder to hear. Through these demonstration experiments, we’re hoping to be able to convey ample information that these problems can be solved by the technology of “sound” in a way that is easy to understand. I believe that this effort will eventually lead to creating Smiles for the Public, one of our corporate mottos.

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