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Progress of the Mid-Term Plan

- Could you give us some idea of the progress and characteristic movements of the mid-term plan?

For this mid-term plan, we have been promoting the deployment of Connected Business that can constantly create and provide the most ideal solutions for customer problems depending on their business operations. At present, our greatest success in this business has been the markets of disaster reduction and prevention, and transport infrastructure, and in these markets TOA is in the process of deploying aggressive business activities based on the strengths of the innovative engineering capabilities we have fostered since our foundation, and a broad product lineup.

Specifically, we have proposed various plans in the disaster reduction and prevention market, including creating sound simulations prior to broadcast system installation and analyzing voice transmission conditions after a system has been installed. Additionally, in the transport infrastructure market, which includes airports and train stations, we have realized ideal system proposals by making ourselves more familiar with even the most local business operations.

One example of this is our Town Recorder Remote Viewing Service, which provides access to live video feeds or equipment operating status readings for easy confirmation by smartphone or PC. In May of 2020, we began to supply a system that utilizes AI (Artificial Intelligence) to detect pedestrian congestion using camera images, and automatically direct guidance broadcasts to quickly mitigate the congestion. With this system, customers can automatically be guided to less crowded locations and store clerks can be made more quickly aware of growing congestion at, say, a checkout lane, so that appropriate actions can be taken. Furthermore, the number of people passing through specific areas can also be counted automatically in order to determine the current number of people in a location, or usage conditions of a facility can be monitored at specified times by counting the number of people entering or exiting a hall or square.

Also, while proceeding to deploy this Connected Business, it is also essential to collaborate with different industries and develop products that utilize cutting-edge technologies. TOA is currently working on developing various technologies through collaborations with different industries, such as local governments, public transport facilities and other manufacturers. As one example, in the first half of FY 2019 we conducted joint experimental demonstrations with the city of Kobe of a system that connects radio broadcasts, sound equipment and digital signage with each other for coordinated use in times of disaster.

In the future, we plan to continue developing and deploying new products and services so that TOA can contribute to the communications field in new societies and the coming New Normal.

Detection of congestion by AI cameras.

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