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The Medium-Term Management Plan

- The new medium-term management plan shifts TOA’s business domains to include “Public Safety,” “Public Communication” and “Public Space Design.” What are the goals in this?

To enhance TOA’s “Smiles for the Public” corporate value, I decided to revise our business domains to embrace these three general realms, with the ultimate goal of bringing “reassurance,” “reliability” and “emotion” to spaces where people gather.
Perhaps most importantly, we’re moving away from the conventional manufacturer focus on physical products. We’re heading instead toward the idea of developing products and offering proposals to customers based on envisioning concrete scenes where our products will elicit smiles because of the real “reassurance,” “reliability” and “emotion” they bring.

For example, in early July 2018 heavy rains caused major damage in western Japan and going forward we expect various verifications to be carried out to further reinforce measures related to disaster reduction and prevention. Regarding TOA’s disaster prevention solutions, too, we must not only verify that voice evacuation broadcasts provided over our speakers can reach over long distances and be clearly heard, but we must also study the best ways to enable people to evacuate quickly and safely. If we fail to do this, it does not necessarily mean that we’ve delivered “reassurance.”
That might mean thinking through the specific content of notification messages, or sensing conditions and generating real-time video as part of the evacuation procedure—in other words, we have to think about how we can combine all the technologies at our disposal to offer optimum solutions.

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