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Performance Results for March 2017

- Please brief us on overall performance for the previous period ending March 2017.

During the previous period, we saw overseas sales influenced by fluctuating currency exchange rates, as well as delivery date changes for railway car business orders already concluded and sluggish domestic security equipment sales, all of which contributed to reduced revenues and profits.
We have adjusted the financial projections in the mid-term plan downward accordingly, but on the positive side, over the past two years we’ve been moving steadily forward with various initiatives called for in that plan, among them efforts to boost corporate value, to change some of the ways we do business, and to continue deploying our 5-region global strategy. Based on these results, we should be in a position to recoup our investments by the final period of the current mid-term plan (March 2018).

Specifically, we will be introducing numerous new products to the market, most centering on our core sound business , and through these we expect to increase revenue by ¥2 billion yen in Japan and by ¥2.5 billion yen abroad. In Japan, new services like multilingual broadcasting, remote viewing service and others will give a solid boost to financial performance, while overseas we will launch new products aimed at expanding sales of public address/emergency broadcast system. In the security field, we will concentrate on network cameras as well as on new high-quality analog cameras. As for the railway cars business, we can expect continued global growth in that market, and we anticipate improvement in both sales and profits.

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