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Settlement for the Preceding Term (FY 2018)

- Could you please summarize the settlement for FY 2018 (which ended in March of 2019)?

FY 2018, the first year of our Mid-Term Plan, witnessed increases in both sales and profits at home and abroad. In Japan, security cameras sold especially well, while TOA’s unique product lineups boosted sales overseas, contributing to steadily increasing profits.

Solutions for tourists visiting Japan, including multi-language broadcasting services directed toward public transportation and commercial facilities (which we have positioned as key fields in our mid-term plan) are increasingly being used by numerous facilities. Additionally, our emergency broadcast systems and the like have been selling well in European, Middle Eastern and African markets, which we have designated as important areas of focus. Also, in the Asia & Pacific region, which includes the Philippines and Australia, and which we have not fully developed for our products so far, we have seen excellent sales growth. Apart from this, our active human resources employment is covered in the mid-term plan, and we will continue to strive to secure excellent personnel.

The current term is the second year of the Mid-Term Plan. As a specialized manufacturer concentrating on the strengths of its audio notification capabilities, our aim is to realize the 5 TOAs of the World, each of which stands as a totally independent business entity, by enhancing marketing functions within each region and developing products that can best meet the needs of each market while expanding sales routes. Further, we are predicting increases in both sales and profits regarding our consolidated performance for FY 2019 (ending in March 2020).

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