Vol.6 Sound System in the Kobe Municipal Suma Aquarium Amazon-kan Hall


Sound System in the Kobe Municipal Suma Aquarium Amazon-kan Hall

- Sound and Light and Giant Fish! Experience the Wonder of Life and Nature with all your Senses -
Sound System in the Kobe Municipal Suma Aquarium Amazon-kan Hall

Kobe Municipal Suma Aquarium Amazon-kan Hall

The sun climbs through the luxuriant jungle, a sudden shower falls.

We can sense animals and birds nearby, and right before our eyes a huge fish swims slowly by.

A range of sounds direct our emotions to the Amazon and its vitality which nourishes the earth and humanity.


A profile of sound

Piraruku, the world's largest freshwater fish, is a main feature of the "Amazon-kan", an exhibit of fish and water animals and plants from the Amazon rainforest. As you enter, soft mysterious music combined with sounds from Nature has a dramatic effect on the visitor. Experiencing the marvels of the jungle with your eyes and ears, you can pass through an underwater tunnel with gigantic fish swimming right beside you and become a true adventurer in the Amazon.


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What kind of place is the Amazon? What is in the jungle?
Bring your curiosity and open the doors of the Amazon-kan.
You will discover enormous fish and mysterious creatures as well as a musical journey through majestic Nature...

We are first greeted at the Amazon-kan by the charming bright-colored frogs. Our ears are enticed on a dramatic adventure by a mystically beautiful melody. In the huge aquarium before us, large fish loom, their scales glittering with a magical light.

Kobe Municipal Suma Aquarium Amazon-kan Hall

Proceeding along the jungle path, looking at water plants and small fish, we hear from one side the sound of a fish splashing, and from the other the whistle of the wind. Simultaneously with the sound of thunder we see a flash of lightning -- a rainstorm! The drive of rhythmical percussion creates the feeling of heavy rain in the deep forest.

Kobe Municipal Suma Aquarium Amazon-kan Hall

When the rain lets up, the calls of birds and animals are heard, the lighting brightens and the gentle melody of running water surrounds us. Amazed and delighted with the unusual creatures right before our eyes, our hearts are filled with the music of the Amazon. This program, which provides the sounds and lighting of a day in the jungle, complete with the sounds of water and air flowing, creates a richly imaginative ambience.

Kobe Municipal Suma Aquarium Amazon-kan Hall

Just as you are filled with the jungle spirit, you come upon Japan's first underwater tube tunnel. Transparent underfoot as well, the tunnel gives you the feeling you really are lost in the middle of the Amazon river. The over 2 meters long piraruku and the glittering alowana swim right alongside you as you make your exciting way along the underwater path.

Kobe Municipal Suma Aquarium Amazon-kan Hall

Exclamations of "Look, I can see the fish's stomach!"
"Mom, it's MUCH bigger than me!"

can be heard from the mouths of the tiny explorers in the tunnel as they experience the vastness and wonder of life with all their senses and discover the rich connection between humanity and Nature.

Sound System in the Kobe Municipal Suma Aquarium Delivered to: Kobe City
Equipment delivered: Amazon-kan Sound System

From the magnificence of dawn in the Amazon to the hush of midnight, the progression of a day is expressed through music. The automatic system interlocks the lighting with the sound system, and the sensor with the sounds of animal calls and nature sounds. The composer is Tadashi Shirakawa. The sound system and software were produced by XEBEC Corporation.

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