Vol.5 Broadcasting system for the Hakuba Ski Jumping Stadium in Nagano Prefecture


Broadcasting system for the Hakuba Ski Jumping Stadium in Nagano Prefecture

- Jump farther! Riding on the wind amid cheers -
Broadcasting system for the Hakuba Ski Jumping Stadium in Nagano Prefecture

Hakuba Ski Jumping Stadium in Nagano Prefecture

In ski jumping, the player dives into the sky from a dazzling height,hurtling through the air.

It is the rhythm of a favorite record played by a DJ and the hearty cheers of spectators that encourage the player in solitude to raise his concentration.

The moment of tension is instantly followed by feverish shouts;a tide of excitement surges over the hillside.







A profile of sound

The Hakuba Ski Jumping Stadium is a venue where the memorable Winter Olympics of 1998 was held. Accompanied by light music, an announcement that uplifts the stadium's mood is heard from the bottom of the huge slopes of the Large Hill and Normal Hill courses lying side by side. After reaching the ears of the crowd of spectators, the sound rises up to those of the ski jumper on standby for the start, finally turning into an inspiring sound echoing all over the stadium.


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Hakuba Ski Jumping Stadium in Nagano Prefecture

Flying unassisted is one of mankind's eternal dreams. The intensity of the dream is echoed in the reverence the audience feels for the courage of a ski jumper challenging a new record.

This may be because ski jumping is in the spotlight now, being particularly popular among the many winter sport events.

"It's huge! " "It's incredible to jump from such a height! " "The slope is so terribly steep! "

Virtually every spectator seeing the jumping venue for the first time expresses his or her surprise in this way.

The soaring Large Hill course consists of a steep stretch of white road sloping on the hillside with the starting point at the top having a height of 138 meters. Even those who have often seen the stadium on TV, at the first direct sight of it, are impressed by the immense size, far beyond their expectations.

This impression is further deepened by interesting episodes told by a commentator or DJ concerning the jumper about to jump. Listening to the announcement from the speaker giving various relevant data and records and portraying the jumper, the spectators expect that they may be going to witness a memorable scene in the winter sports history; their hearts leap up and they begin to root aloud.

Meanwhile, the jumper at the starting point far above the ground, is trying to control his mind for concentration in order to make the jump for which he has trained hard and long.

"Number 39, Masahiko Harada, Japan"

Many of the world's top-ranking jumpers heard the voice of an announcer from the speaker in this stadium.

Comfortably reaching the jumper's ears are the tune of a favorite song he requested the previous day and shouts of encouragement
from the spectators looking up at him from the ground.

This sound mixture can provide additional impetus to his determination to further his own record.

As the starting time approaches, the commentator's tone gradually heightens and the spectators' bustling grows.

With an electronic sound signaling the time to start, a tense atmosphere falls over the stadium.
Some moments later the jumper leaps out into the air, followed by a climax of people's enthusiastic shouts, creating a dynamic wave of sound that reverberates across the stadium.

This scene looks like a live musical performance in which the artists (jumpers) share an exciting event with their audience.

The stadium is used not only as the venue for the World Cup ski jumping competition in winter and summer ski jumping but also for other events such as concerts.

Whether or not in connection with sports, many impressive dramas have unfolded here, with the accompanying sound inscribed on people's memory.

Broadcasting system for the Hakuba Ski Jumping Stadium in Nagano Prefecture Equipment delivered:

- Custom-made Z-DRIVE SR-F3
(protected from snow/cold)
- Custom-made F3 horn box (tweeter only)
- Digital signal processor DP-0204SR(DACsysII)
- Dual power amplifier IP-600D

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