Vol.3 Coach announcement systems and other equipment installed in Kyushu Railway Company's "Yufuin no Mori Express"


Coach announcement systems and other equipment installed in Kyushu Railway Company's "Yufuin no Mori Express"

- A fantastic train journey through green woodland into a hot-spring resort:the affable voice of the crew on duty makes it more enjoyable -
Coach announcement systems and other equipmentinstalled in Kyushu Railway Company's "Yufuin no Mori Express"

Yufuin no Mori Express

Enchanting woodland chirps,coupled with the background sound of the wheels sliding on the rails...

Why! Suddenly travelers return to themselves to find them in the train!

On a train headed for a well-known hot spring resort in the hills,it is the crew's heartwarming voice from the speaker that relaxes and comforts travelers.


A profile of sound

The "Yufuin no Mori Express," operating between JR Hakata and Yufuin Stations, is a recreational train for tourists to Yufuin, a famed hot spring resort.
While passengers enjoy an interior carefully designed to create a warm and cozy atmosphere, they are pampered with courteous service.
The lovely music or sound of nature offered in the train seems to tune itself to the changing scenery.
Relaxed by the crew's attentions,travelers are enthralled by broadcasts describing local spots and relating tales about them taken from folklore and legend.


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It is just after 3 p.m. at Hakata Station. When you step into an elegant train waiting at Platform No. 6, it is the beginning of a delightful journey.

You are welcomed by a smiling cabin attendant standing at the entrance to the car. During the next two hours, she will wait upon you to your heart's desire.

This spring, newly designed cars for the "Yufuin no Mori Express" were introduced on this popular railway line. The elegant green cars run through pastoral and woody areas.

Each car is floored in wood and boasts environmentally-friendly natural materials. And the areas around passenger seats are specially designed to be comfortable and barrier-free.

Yufuin no Mori Express

You hear the announcer saying,

"Can you see on your right ahead the Fall of Jion (mercy)
connected with the legend about a huge serpent?"

You realize that the voice is that of the attendant who kindly took a picture for you just a few minutes ago. The rhythm of the train wheels sliding on the rails seems to make an aural invitation to the surrounding woodlands, rich in legends.

Yufuin no Mori Express

As the train approaches Yufuin Station, fully satisfied with
the crew's hospitality, you hear an announcement informing
you that this first-class journey is drawing to a close:

"All of us on the crew look forward to receiving
you again on the Yufuin no Mori Express."

With the announcement, the attendant comes to bid you farewell, which may bring on an unexpected sorrow at the moment of parting.

One of the most popular hot spring resorts in Japan, Yufuin is a town many long to visit. When you get down and stand in the chic station building, you are invariably struck by the dignified silhouette of Mt. Yufudake, whose peak is rising into an evening sky as if it were extending its own generous welcome.

Yufuin no Mori Express
Broadcasting systems and other equipment for Kyushu Japan Railway Company's "Yufuin no Mori Express"

Delivered to: Kyushu Railway Company (The delivery was made from November 1998 to February 1999)

Equipment delivered:

- Coach broadcasting system
- Crew's communication system
- Digital background music system (for coach decks)
- Cabin attendants' microphone broadcasting system (for use in the coach by the attendant)
- Multi-sound generator
(for use as a source of various sounds such as communication buzzers and alarms and also as a broadcasting monitor speaker)

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