Sports Facilities


Sports Facilities

Image of Wimbledon Tennis Courts

Wimbledon Tennis Courts

London's Wimbledon Tennis Court is the U.K.'s largest tennis venue and home to the Wimbledon Championships, where players of the highest caliber battle it out in one of the world's most prestigious annual tournaments. Here, a public address system based on TOA's SX-2000 Series Smart Matrix System and digital power amplifiers helps ensure the smooth progress of every match.
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Image of Cartoon Network Amazone

Cartoon Network Amazone

Cartoon Network Amazone is one of the largest family-oriented water parks in Asia with Cartoon Network as theme; located in Pattaya, Thailand. TOA supports the establishment of a broadcasting system, including line array speakers on the main stage.
Image of Beijing National Stadium

Beijing National Stadium

Beijing National Stadium, also popularly known as the “Bird’s Nest,” was the main stadium of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. During the games, football and track and field events were held in this stadium, as well as the spectacular opening and closing ceremonies. The biggest issue in the installation of TOA’s systems was how to provide correct and accurate broadcasting that would allow for smooth game operations in a gigantic stadium boasting a seating capacity of as many as 91,000 spectators.
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Image of Porsche Arena

Porsche Arena

Porsche Arena in Stuttgart, Germany, is a multi-purpose hall with a crowd capacity of 7,500. As well as being site for all sorts of sports including basketball, volleyball, tennis and ice hockey, the hall also regularly plays host to a wide variety of concerts and performances.
With its Line Array Speaker SR-A12, TOA has created a broadcast system that allows for voices to be heard clearly even when there are numerous conditions for reverberating sounds.
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As the main stadium of the 1998 World Cup soccer championships, many exciting battles have been played out at the famed Stade du France. Here, in addition to a general-purpose broadcast system, TOA installed its Matrix-based Voice Alarm* emergency PA system. Equipped with approximately 1,550 speakers divided into 16 zones of operation,the system is used for broadcasts throughout the entire facility,including the entrance area, outside parking lot, and the complex's offices and restaurants.
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Image of Oklahoma Memorial Staduim

Oklahoma Memorial Staduim

Oklahoma University Stadium System Installation Example A TOA intercom system is being used for information transmission at the University of Oklahoma’s Gayload Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium, an American football stadium that seats about 80,000.
Stations set up at each gate within the stadium to relay calls are connected to an IP network through an exchange, naturally allowing for calls within the stadium and also permitting emergency announcements to be made both indoors and outdoors.
Volume on the system’s automatic announcement function for providing general information on game days adjusts automatically in response to external noise such as that emitted from crowds, supporting smooth operations.
Image of Kyocera Dome Osaka

Kyocera Dome Osaka

The Kyocera Dome Osaka serves as the home field for one of Japan's professional baseball teams. This domed stadium, designed in the image of a cloud for unique visual appeal, can hold up to 37,000 spectators. Within the dome, TOA sound systems, including products from the Line Array Speaker series, provide clear, easy-to-hear broadcasts in a type of space notorious for excessive echo and other poor sound conditions. Visitors have praised the system for its comfortable listenability, with the voiced broadcasts "coming through directly even amidst the roar of the cheering fans."
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The large, silvery roof of NOEVIR STADIUM KOBE resembles a bird spreading its wings, hence its name. Because the stadium is designed to be used exclusively for such ball games as football and rugby, it has no track around the pitch, thus providing spectators with a closer view of the games.
To install the most ideal sound system in this stadium, we carefully examined the reverberation times and maximum sound pressure throughout the entire stadium from the perspectives of both architectural and electric sound acoustics, with repeated simulations performed before installation. Employing a digital console and a digital processor as a nucleus, the system permits all of its operations to be controlled from a central sound control room, and facilitates the creation of the most appropriate sound systems for individual games. The system also features a special function that suppresses noise heard in surrounding area to a bare minimum.
In the FIFA World Cup 2002 jointly being held in Japan and South Korea, TOA's sound system will present all the emotion and excitement of the football stadium in terms of its sound presentation.
Image of Hakuba Ski Jumping Stadiam in Nagano

Hakuba Ski Jumping Stadiam in Nagano

Ski jumping stadiam in Hakuba Village were the stage that profoundly moved the Japanese people in the Winter Olympic Games in 1998. TOA's broadcast system was used for a huge course having both the Large and Normal Hills. Now, it offers comfortable sounds to music concerts and other events, not to mention announcements for jump contests.
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