Hotel & Conference halls


Hotel & Conference halls

Image of Nagoya City Assembly Hall

Nagoya City Assembly Hall

Within the imposing atmosphere of the Nagoya City Office, a rare circular assembly hall is equipped with a TOA conference system, including central control of microphone volume adjustment, recording and other functions, that contributes to the smooth conduction of city assembly meetings.
Image of Essex Civic Centre

Essex Civic Centre

At the Essex County Council Chambers located in Ontario, Canada, TOA’s infrared conference system helps meetings progress smoothly. Infrared conference system can change layouts easily, as well as eliminating interference and divulging of information.
Image of The Nîmes Chamber of Commerce and Industry, France

The Nîmes Chamber of Commerce and Industry, France

TOA's TA-900 Series Infrared Conference system is installed in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Nîmes, the historic city in southern France after which denim jeans were named. Featuring a convenient voting function, the system supports the smooth progress of local meetings and conferences.
Image of Nishi-Tokyo Municipal Assembly

Nishi-Tokyo Municipal Assembly

Located west of the Tokyo metropolitan area, the city of Nishi-Tokyo was born January, 2001 from the amalgamation of the cities of Tanashi and Hoya, and has attracted considerable attention as a model for future city amalgamations. TOA supplied the support systems for the new assembly hall, which are used to prepare meeting minutes and distribute information.
Image of The Westin Awaji Island

The Westin Awaji Island

The Westin Awaji Island is located at the heart of Awaji Yumebutai, one of the main sites of Awaji Island Park City, which recently played host to the "Japan Flora 2000" exposition. In the event of an emergency, TOA's integrated CCTV/emergency warning system enables centralized remote control over the warning and evacuation of each facility.


ANA CROWNE PLAZA KOBE is a 37-story hotel located just in front of JRs Shin-Kobe railway station. Here, TOA installed a closed-circuit TV system used to monitor guest floors and parking areas, an emergency broadcasting system that covers the entire building, and sound equipment for the banquet hall. TOA was also responsible for the sound design of the adjoining theater, and the installation of an integrated emergency PA system for the shopping area.
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