Commercial Facilities


Commercial Facilities

Image of Daimler AG in Berlin

Daimler AG in Berlin

The Daimler company's new Berlin headquarters is a huge facility that integrates offices, car showrooms and restaurants into its impressive edifice. Here, TOA's integrated PA system is used for general announcements, emergency broadcasts, and background music distribution.
Image of ION Orchard

ION Orchard

ION ORCHARD is a huge shopping mall on Orchard Road in Singapore. Our Public address / Emergency broadcast system delivers the required information, while line array speakers support their event operations outside the building.
Image of Carrefour (Jakarta, Pondok Indah Store)

Carrefour (Jakarta, Pondok Indah Store)

This Carrefour hypermache located south of Jakarta, Indonesia, is one of Indonesia's largest suburban shopping centers, and contains a wide variety of shops ranging from supermarkets and outlet shops to restaurants and specialty rental businesses. TOA installed the sound system and other related equipment in the complex, which make a large contribution to smooth business operation.
Image of Nishi Umeda, HERBIS ENT

Nishi Umeda, HERBIS ENT

The public address system installed in this major commercial space and "intelligent" office complex helps ensure smooth facility operation by conveying important information and streaming pleasant background music.
Image of Terrace Mall Shonan

Terrace Mall Shonan

The Shonan beach area, not far from Tokyo, is widely enjoyed as a venue for marine sports and as a location for summer homes. The area's largest shopping center, Terrace Mall Shonan, is protected by the watchful eyes of a TOA surveillance camera systems. With future expandability in mind, this system was built primarily around the use of digital network cameras, with additional support provided by analog cameras depending on the specific installation location, a combination that provides thorough, high-quality security in a cost-effective manner. It has also been well received for its easy usability, achieved through centralized PC-based control offering simple operation and fast support.
Image of Ginza Super Security Lamp

Ginza Super Security Lamp

In ever-changing Tokyo, the Ginza district is known for maintaining a certain yesteryear charm. To help preserve that feeling while ensuring an environment in which people can continue to live, work, and relax with peace-of-mind, the Ginza police department has installed a Super security lamp system that takes advantage of TOA's emergency communication technology.
Image of Osaka Prefectural Police Department — Town-Watch Surveillance Camera Systems

Osaka Prefectural Police Department — Town-Watch Surveillance Camera Systems

One of Japan's three largest cities having a population of 9 million, Osaka is home to a number of thriving, bustling neighborhoods. In such areas, busy with people coming and going both day and night, TOA's town-watch surveillance camera systems help protect the citizenry and keep the peace. Images from these cameras are sent over networks to local police jurisdictions for real-time monitoring. Situated near to many of these cameras are speaker systems that automatically broadcast reminders for people to stay alert against pickpocketing and other petty crimes common in such areas, and if necessary these speakers can also deliver announcements directly from the police department itself. Since this system was installed, incidences of pickpocketing and other urban crimes have fallen in the area.
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