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"Whole team development" - A way to keep bringing greater value to the market

Greetings to all our stockholders and investors. Let me begin by expressing, on behalf of TOA, our deepest gratitude for your ongoing patronage and support.
As of March 2016 (the first year of our current mid-term management plan that runs FY 3/2016-3/2018), sales reached a record high, but profits themselves were down compared to the previous term. Since the start of fiscal 2016 we've been renewing our approaches and systems to engage a new "Whole team development" initiative, an approach designed to let us conduct development efforts with a better sense of speed and timing. We've also continued the steady promotion of previous initiatives including "5 TOAs in the world" and the "Product-Oriented to Service-Oriented" policy referred to in the mid-term management plan.


Kenji Itani

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