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Power-saving Security Cameras with Ultra-low Power Consumption

Power-saving Security Cameras with Ultra-low Power Consumption

TOA's Compact V series of security cameras, which debuted six years ago, use constant-voltage power supply that contributes to power saving. A system consisting of four units of the latest model achieves a 66% reduction in power consumption compared with a system consisting of conventional cameras using constant-current power supply.

Why No.1?

Industry's first application of constant-voltage power supply

Security cameras operating around the clock consume quite a lot of electric power. Conventionally, constant-current power supply, the power loss of which is large, has been mainly used for security cameras, because it has been considered important to secure constant current even with power loss in order to achieve stable operation of functions, such as zoom, that consume a lot of electricity.

To the contrary, by suppressing power consumption of a camera, TOA succeeded in switching to constant-voltage power supply, the power loss of which is small despite fluctuation of the current magnitude. We provide security cameras offering stable high performance with much lower power consumption than those based on the conventional system.

Electricity bill slashed by 24,000 yen a year

Simulation of electricity charges (*) clearly reveals the advantage of constant-voltage power supply. Whereas the annual electricity bill is about 37,000 yen in the case of conventional cameras, it is only 13,000 yen in the case of Compact V cameras, a saving of as much as 24,000 yen every year.

*Simulation conditions:
Linking of 16 cameras, 8,760 hours/year (24 hours for 365 days), electricity charge of 21 yen/kWh

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